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2009 best-selling real estate - Jun Kai Villa
Author:admin PostDate:2010-03-26 14:07:00 ClickCount:5835

    Chun Kai Villa is located in Xinhui District, Jiangmen City, Metro axis, north to Xinhui District Government, Department of the South to look at Island Lake, 5 minutes will direct Xinhui City, planning to build only 1,700 acres of Island Lake, a large waterfront communities. Communities mainly villas, with 2.5 km of the Island lake shore landscape, 125,000 square meters banks of the theme park, 30,000 square meters of artificial lakes, and planning large clubhouse with 3,000 square meters, 12,000 square meters Waterfront Commercial Street. In property management, in particular, to employ a model of the international professional property management Savills property management services as a whole.


    Real estate characteristics: in September this year, real estate has been successfully launched in Jiangmen's first floor, the whole bus line. The cost of 1.2 billion yuan to build the 125,000 square meters Island Lake Embankment Park was full to start in October this year, is scheduled to be completed in 2011, will become the new Council and the importance of Jiangmen leading leisure attractions. Moreover, before the 2010 Asian Games, Light Rail Station would definitely put to use new session, the real estate traffic advantages become more prominent.


     Next year, the real estate development will enter the stage of full speed. 01 200 acres of land the commencement of works and the project's commercial streets and areas adjacent to the government nearly 3 million square meters of large commercial center will start in early 2010, clubs will be put into use ahead of time, residential living environment will be more mature.

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