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Clouds pass the examination
Author:admin PostDate:2010-03-26 14:05:44 ClickCount:6551

   Jiangmen two stand out flats


    or recommended in a number of candidates eligible, real estate in favor of access to the property market expert and get qualified Jiangmen Shen Ping few flats.


    But in today's hot-baked selection results, the performance of Jiangmen estate is very perfect, Pearl River New City, and international real estate Chun Kai Villa two final thrust, divided by the Pearl River Delta property market, most investment value Billboard Project 2009 and the annual best-selling real estate awards.


    The property market in the Pearl River Delta, Jiangmen Billboard stand out of the two projects, the development area are in acres or more capitalized back with a large group, are creating the standard of living for the city of Jiangmen new benchmark, with international real estate development concept.


   Pearl River New City almost to the International Center of Binjiang New District, Jiangmen New promoter income which is not only a beautiful river view sitting on the West River line, according to local conditions of the building will be near the original ecology of the mountain and golf course landscape natural combination.


    By Chun Kai Villa Lake Island Department of built, according to the water distribution network of intricate architecture, maintaining most of the original ecological landscape water features.

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