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Chun Kai Villa: Villa tour will be available 2 Location:Home >> News  
Chun Kai Villa: Villa tour will be available 2
Author:admin PostDate:2010-03-26 14:03:10 ClickCount:5607

    Chun Kai Villa as Chief of the villa, Xinhui District, broader market, following a smooth handover products, 2 villa tour "birds Bloom" will be officially available in August this year.


     According to reports, were Crown Heights area of 1700 mu Chun Kai, Jiangmen region for the new Council and the broader market, chief European style, by the National Private Enterprises 500 "Guangdong Name crown group" power to create, the project will introduce a five-star Group brand "Jinkaiyue" hotel-style service management. The first phase villa was perfect on June 30 handover, hundreds of families celebrate the coming of new home owners.


    The new project a "birds bloom" tour the main house at 240 ~ 400 ㎡ Unit European town villas, all north-south layout, wide Louju also comes with 300 to 600 square meters large garden; fresh and elegant environment of the tour locations , to fall back on 30,000 square meters of private Avon, landscaping around the hills, as they tour the name - a "birds bloom" in their homes.


     "Birds bloom" tour is expected to sell 4,500 yuan / ㎡, the VIP registration is now open, an additional 95 currently registered will receive a discount. Name of Crown Heights Chun Kai first high-rise houses in the coming days, the product is rare in Jiangmen with 1000 yuan / ㎡ luxury decorated houses, with three main sets of Unit with the main room.

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