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MINGCROWN GROUP Three lucky ones yesterday
Author:admin PostDate:2010-03-26 14:02:31 ClickCount:7479

     MUMBAI of Xinhui District, Island Lake school of the festive atmosphere, Crown Group of Guangdong were held here in celebration of the three projects - Arima Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. 4 Anniversary and the new session factory production, Xinhui Hong Kong International Terminal Co. Phase II expansion project and the company name Crown Heights Garden Chun Kai opening ceremony of the first phase. Ou Guangyuan, deputy secretary of provincial, city leaders Chenji Xing, Wang Nanjian, Zhao Jiyao, Nie party rights, Lum Shun, the European Kui Ming, Stitt, chairman of Guangdong were the highest Victor Mok, and more than 400 guests from home and abroad attended the celebration. 

     Guangdong Iron & Steel Co., Ltd. in 2001 Arima was established in Dongguan City, after several years of development, the company has become the province of well-known private enterprises, their production of "Hua Guanhong" color plate was rated "excellent quality assured brand" and become a South China region's most iconic color steel products dominated the market in southern China market, total sales in the region for more than 30% of total sales. Commissioning ceremony held in Arima Steel Co., Ltd. Guangdong Xinhui plant, located in Xinhui Heritage Island Lake Island Economic Development Zone, close to state new session class port in Hong Kong by the name of Crown Investment Group, set up in 2004, the first phase of the total more than 10 billion yuan investment, the introduction of Japan's annual output of 300,000 tons cold-rolled advanced units and 24 tons of hot-dip galvanized production line. At present, formed from steel pickling, cold rolled steel, galvanized steel, painted steel integrated production base. 2 2006 annual output of 300,000 tons of cold rolled wire, 20 tons of galvanized wire and 12 tons of hot-rolled galvanized wire, all put in operation, it will form a sheet and coated sheet production 100 tons, is expected to become the second largest steel production base of color.


     It is understood that the highest group were carried out recently invested heavily in expansion project Phase II Wui Hong Kong, in the national first class port in Hong Kong Ma Xinhui port downstream of the existing quay construction of two-ton berths, the main project expected to be completed and put into use before the end of 2006. After the completion of Phase II, Xinhui port handling capacity to more than double than at present.


     At the same time, the highest group were also involved in real estate. By the Group's investment in the construction of Chun Kai Villa Park, covers an area of 1700 mu. Project center and the new session in the new city axis, the center green belt, business center with link, a new session with nationally renowned bird paradise, Liang's former residence, Yamen Fort and other tourist resources and project close.


     Municipal Committee, Deputy Mayor of Municipal Government Nie speech on behalf of the party right. He said, Arima Steel Co., Ltd. Xinhui production plant is a big happy event in our city's economic development; he hopes company grew and grew, "were the highest province, were the highest the country, were highest in the world!," (2005 -8-9 9:01 Jiangmen Daily)

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